How to Use Marketing Tools While Staying Compliant

Marketing is complicated enough without the headache of compliance.

Doing the job well requires leveraging the right third-party tools, but sending first-party data to external systems adds in more complexity for organizations who need to stay compliant with strict regulations.

Even though third parties may promise compliance, as the collector of data, you’re the one on the hook.

And more companies than ever face GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA regulations.

How can we avoid taking the hit for somebody else’s non-compliance?

Fortunately, there are tangible steps compliance-driven marketers can take.

We sat down with our partners at Blueshift, a leading SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP), to share solutions and ideas to delivering highly-personalized omnichannel experiences without taking on compliance risk.

MetaRouter’s CTO, Andrew Murray, and Blueshift’s Product Marketing Manager, Calvin Sellwood, covered the basics, including:

  • Why the right marketing and analytics tools are necessary
  • Challenges most third-party tools create for companies facing GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and third-party cookie changes
  • Solutions we’ve discovered (together and separately)
  • Tangible steps compliance-driven marketers can take now, even if they aren’t (yet) subject to regulations

If you missed the live webinar discussion, you can watch it now:

And if you’d like to know a little bit more about who’s having the conversation, Andrew Murray is Chief Technology Officer at MetaRouter, where he leads the team in determining the right tools to build a customer data infrastructure that prioritizes security and compliance above all else.

Calvin Sellwood is Product Marketing Manager at Blueshift and heads up product launches, platform positioning, and market analysis. Prior to Blueshift, Calvin lead product marketing at Respond Software and managed Ayla Networks’ Cloud and Analytics solutions.

Both of them care deeply about data security and understand the challenges of new-and constantly shifting-regulations. Don’t miss this lively and constructive conversation!

With Blueshift, we’ve imagined the ideal healthcare marketing stack and ensured that shared clients stay compliant. If you’d like to know more about how we can keep your company’s data secure while upping your marketing game, reach out any time.

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