Osvaldo Gama recently joined MetaRouter as a Software Engineer Specialist. His job is making it easier to onboard a new client. Many of our clients have multiple websites, so he’s creating a tool to make it easier on them and us to onboard all their settings to our system. The new tool will go to one client first and then roll out to every other one. To get to know him a little better, we asked him a little about his background, joining MetaRouter, and his thoughts on the future of the world.

Why did you decide to become a…

Is there any other kind?

One of our core tenets is creating a customer data ecosystem that collects all data in a first-party context. There are several key ways organizations benefit from this, but we sat down with Michael Yeager, our VP of Engineering, to talk about how that impacts compliance.

The trend, from a user perspective, is for organizations to be more transparent about managing this data. It goes back to GDPR getting passed in 2016. On the heels of that came CCPA. In general, there’s a thoughtfulness behind these and incoming laws. …

Ie. The Fight For Control Over User Data

Working in the customer data space, MetaRouter has had to butt heads against some of the largest tech companies in existence.

Why? Because we were determined to run all of our customers’ data truly server-side.

While in most cases, this solution benefits everyone (our customers collect their own first-party data and their vendors receive all the data they need for optimal performance), we often run into roadblocks.

To learn more about why they resisted us, we interviewed our Head of Product, Greg Brunk, about some of the key insights he’s learned from our struggles to work with the biggest names…

Truly* server-side integrations make a big impact

By Matt Best

Server-side data processing is becoming more and more of a hot topic in the customer data industry, in light of restrictions and performance issues plaguing users’ browsers. It’s a solution that is often referenced by multiple companies in the space: Google, Segment, Tealium, and others are all trying to get in the game and boost their capabilities here, with varying degrees of success.

But there is one key difference that sets MetaRouter apart from the rest.

First, let’s discuss what server-side eventing really means.

Server-side data processing is the concept…

Spoiler alert: We rely on Kafka

When we set out to provide a seamless platform for our customers that consumes their customer events and fans them out to any number of destinations they desire, we built our product around “bring your own message queue.” Our customers could sign up for either Google Pub/Sub or a cloud hosted Kafka cluster and we would wire the MetaRouter Platform to utilize whichever message queue they would provide.

We found, however, that using a third-party queuing system not only feels cumbersome, but it also creates a security concern that customer data is leaving the…

About a year ago, Levi Cook joined our team as an engineering and leadership coach because we believe mentorship is a powerful tool for learning. So we sat down to ask him why he values engineering mentorship and how he’s approached it most effectively:Why did mentorship/coaching become important to you?

I would actually attribute it to open source software and seeing how the developer community operates and supports each other. I also worked on projects when agile development was first introduced. One of the tenets is pair programming, which started me thinking about our work as a crafts model. There…

By Dave Paprocki

As the United States celebrates and reflects on Veteran’s Day 2020, all of us at MetaRouter are incredibly grateful for the sacrifices that active, inactive and fallen military members have made for our country.

The MetaRouter team is fortunate enough to have an Air Force veteran working alongside us. So, we decided to sit down with our very own Val Kautz, a former Air Force Staff Sergeant and current Product Engineer for MetaRouter, to chat about her own story and maybe help Veterans looking to venture into the tech space along the way.

Q: Can you tell…

By Andrew Murray

Recently, I presented an overview on Kubernetes: what it is and why it got willed into existence in the first place. This is the first step in a series of deep-dive Kubernetes presentations he has planned. If you’re exploring Kubernetes as an option-or you love it and want to learn more-let’s start with understanding “why.”

But first, so we’re all on the same page …

What is Kubernetes?

The quick version? Kubernetes is a Container Management Platform used to run applications, leveraging platform-as-code patterns and normalizing Cloud Resources.

When it comes to handling customer data, the list of acronyms for what analysts, product specialists and marketers need is growing-CDP, DMP, CDI … the list goes on. While each tool and category differs , they all have one thing in common: they integrate customer data.

That means, instead of using tools ad hoc, there’s a formal plan for the centralization and distribution of customer data to various teams and tools.

When using a tool (you know, like MetaRouter) to integrate customer data, the platform collects user events from your website or app and routes them to one or multiple…

And why we love it

From the beginning, we knew that a complicated, distributed system like MetaRouter is going to need some serious monitoring. Sure, you can usually see if a message isn’t delivered to its destination, but with a microservice architecture processing millions of messages a day (and scaling fast), it’s extremely important to have insight into the guts of the system.

We decided to take Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) structured approach, which applies software engineering principles to infrastructure and operations. Basically, it automates tedious, manual tasks, removing the risk of human error. …

MetaRouter Team

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